Anonymous asked:

i respected your opinion until i saw that you had read 50 shades of grey. now i can't take you seriously. i might just unfollow you.



I think we have a bigger issue here: I can’t take you seriously…

It’s awesome to see that as a community, we are still being bothered by those people who think you are automatically disgusting/awful/poorly read if you have read erotica (particularly 50 shades, it seems). It’s also bloody awesome to note that people will actually lose respect of your opinion merely because you have read such a book.

I can smell a major case of book snobbery here, and I don’t tolerate it on my blog. So yes, please, do kindly unfollow me because I don’t want some shallow, narrow minded and frankly, immature person following my blog in the first place.

Let’s not hate people for the books they want to read/enjoy reading. Let’s enjoy the fact that people are reading. What does it matter what people read? It’s the fact that they do read that counts. 

Casuals. How can someone even have an opinion on something they haven’t read?